School Counselor

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Vassar Public Schools
Position Details: 

•    To implement the high school curriculum of the “Vassar Public Schools’ K-12 Comprehensive Guidance Program;”

•    To guide and counsel individuals and groups of students through the development of educational and career plans, which may include:

1.   Meeting with students whose names appear on the low grade list for each marking period and, if appropriate, formulating a plan of action for success involving the student and the parent;

2.   Planning and/or promoting programs which enhance the academic, social or emotional growth of students, e.g., Curriculum Fair, Career Fair, Underclass Honors Assembly & Senior Honors Program, Graduation, opportunities for student enrichment and/or remediation, scholarship opportunities and parent informational programs;

3.   Meeting with seniors once each semester and mailing updates on their graduation status to their parents;

4.   Working with students who have discipline, attendance and academic problems and are referred by teachers, parents or administrators;

5.   Insuring that students are aware of requirements for graduation and college admission, as well as any NCAA requirements that may be necessary for athletic participation;

6.   Guiding each student to choose courses consistent with his/her interests, abilities and career plans;

7.   Helping students develop post-secondary educational plans in accordance with their interests, abilities and career plans;

8.   Assisting students with the completion of college admissions applications;

9.   Organizing and promoting standardized assessment opportunities and interpreting test results to students and/or parents on request;

10. Assisting the principal in the preparation of diploma lists and identification of honor graduates in preparation for the Senior Honors Program and Graduation;

11. Assuring that appropriate, accurate information is maintained in each student’s permanent, cumulative record; and

12. Making necessary schedule changes for individual students that are both appropriate for their abilities and aligned with their educational and career plans

•    To facilitate small groups for individual students with identified, common needs

•    To consult with and serve as a resource for students, staff and parents regarding developmental needs of students, which may include:

1.   Identification and referral of students for Child Study Meetings;

2.   Creation and oversight of Section 504 plans;

3.   Active participation in Special Education meetings

4.   Conference with individual students who have experienced a death in the family or serious illness and notification of their teachers.

5.   Work with teachers to better help them understand students with physical or emotional challenges.

•      To refer students and parents/guardians to appropriate school and community resources;

•      To participate in, coordinate, conduct activities which contribute to the effective implementation of the high school component of the K-12 guidance curriculum;

•      To evaluate and revise the building guidance and counseling program;

•      To assist in the development of a District Assessment Program and the interpretation of testing and assessment results related to career guidance; and

•      To continue personal professional growth and development.

•      Other duties as assigned by the administration

•      Manage AP Program

Job Type: