Monday, March 19, 2018
Shepherd Public Schools/MASB
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The Shepherd Public Schools Board of Education is seeking a qualified Superintendent of Schools to lead the District into the future. This is only the preliminary posting; a detailed profile of the ideal candidate will be added at a later date. We encourage interested applicants to refrain from applying until the profile is posted.

The Shepherd Public Schools district is located in the Village of Shepherd in southern Isabella County in Michigan. The school district is a rural/agricultural community, covers approximately 112 square miles and has a minority population of almost 8%. Most students are transported to school on one of the district's 29 buses. The district is classified as Class B and has an approximate total enrollment of 1,800 students and about 115 certified staff.

The district is about sixty miles north of Lansing and about five miles south of Mt. Pleasant, home of Central Michigan University and Mid-Michigan Community College.  Through a partnership with Mid-Michigan Community College, Shepherd Public Schools offers an early college opportunity as well as expanded dual enrollment options for high school students.

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