7/8 Academy Principal

Thursday, January 31, 2019
Lakeview School District - Battle Creek
Position Details: 

Lakeview School District is dedicated to organizational excellence and supports and encourages the development and implementation of multicultural perspectives across all areas of the organization, the celebration of diversity, and the assets that diversity brings to our organization.

Lakeview School District is located on the south side of Battle Creek, an economically and culturally diverse community of 53,000 located in south-central lower Michigan.  The Lakeview School District is a highly respected, dynamic public school system, which seeks implantation of meaningful change with the goal of responsibly restructuring the District's educational programs. 

Lakeview School District is a comprehensive school of approximately 3,850 students in grades K-12 with 500 faculty and support staff members with an annual General Fund Budget of $34 million.  The District is comprised of six school buildings, four K-4 elementary buildings, one 5-8 middle school building and one high school.
The Lakeview School District is entering into a progressive, exciting transformational period at the Lakeview Middle School. Beginning with the 2018/2019 school year, the middle school will consist of both a 5-6 Academy and a 7-8 Academy. Each academy will have its own principal, assistant principal, office and student support staff. Based on this new configuration, we will be seeking principal candidates who are ready to lead both staff and students through this new model.
Under the direction of the Superintendent, the Middle School Academy Principal provides leadership to staff, students, parents and the community by establishing a clear vision of high expectations and fostering an environment of creativity, motivated performance, and continued improvement for all.  Instructional leadership to staff including, but not limited to:  Curriculum planning, review and implementation and professional development.  The Principal is responsible for Academy administration and the safety/welfare of both students and staff.
Instructional Leadership

  • Provide leadership in planning, developing, implementing and evaluating instructional programs
  • Supervise school financial and business matters
  • Support revision and implementation of the curriculum in the context of the districts work
  • Promote best instructional practices to advance academic achievement for all students
  • Employ a variety of strategies to assess student performance and supports staff in the identification, collection, and analysis of student data
  • Analyze, share and use school & student achievement data to develop and implement the school improvement plan.
  • Promote and models the effective use of appropriate instructional technologies
  • Apply knowledge of School Improvement Process

Organizational Leadership

  • Develop a shared mission and vision
  • Inspire, motivate, and model service-oriented leadership
  • Facilitate constructive change
  • Foster an environment of collaboration and shared decision-making
  • Ensure continued accreditation

Administration and Management

  • Develop, implement, and oversee all financial aspects of the school's operation
  • Collaborate with other building administrators to ensure the alignment of programs, articulation, and behavioral expectations
  • Attract, retain, and develop a talented and dedicated staff
  • Select, supervise and evaluate school staff
  • Apply knowledge of policy formation and legal requirements within the scope of his/her responsibilities
  • Apply knowledge of auxiliary programs (such as transportation, food services, pupil personnel services, maintenance, and facilities management) within the scope of his/her responsibilities
  • Provide for the safety & welfare of students and staff

Promotion of Equity and Appreciation of Diversity

  • Work collaboratively with a culturally diverse community and student population
  • Recruit staff from all racial and ethnic backgrounds
  • Strive to ensure equity among programs and learning opportunities for staff, students and parents
  • Contribute constructively to closing racial, ethnic, gender, and socio-economic achievement gaps
  • Demonstrated ability to work with colleagues, teachers, staff, students and community groups of diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, sexual orientation, disability and ethnic backgrounds

Relationships with Students

  • Model a student-centered approach to all relationships
  • Interact with students to encourage each individual to perform at his/her highest level
  • Create a school climate that engenders engagement and fosters respect
  • Facilitate the involvement of students and parents representing all demographics in co- and extra-curricular and other school activities

Relationships with Staff

  • Lead faculty and staff to develop an optimal learning climate that promotes shared leadership
  • Encourage professional growth of staff through in-services programs and in conjunction with the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
  • Create the motivation and drive to ensure that instruction-specific conversations are taking place throughout the school intentionally designed to focus conversations and efforts on improving the instruction of every teacher
  • Work with teachers and other staff to supervise and evaluate performance, using performance standards and student outcomes to identify areas of growth that directly impacts student learning
  • Orient staff in building and district philosophy, policies, and procedures

Relationships with the Community

  • Assess the needs of parents and community members and involves them in decision-making
  • Promote partnerships among staff, parents, business and the community


  • Five (5) years of teaching experience
  • One (1) year minimum of school administration and/or middle level principal experience
  • Master’s Degree or higher in educational leadership or an appropriate discipline
  • Possess or eligible to possess a Michigan Administrator Certification
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships with stakeholders, including staff, parents, the community and administrative peers
  • Demonstrated planning, organizational, motivational, and evaluation skills including the ability to perform and prioritize multiple tasks and have excellent attention to detail
  • Proven ability to define problems, collect and interpret data, establish facts, draw valid conclusions and develop an appropriate course of action
  • Must have strong oral and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to contribute constructively to closing racial, ethnic, gender, and socio-economic achievement gaps
  • Experience ensuring equity among programs and learning opportunities for staff, students, and parents
  • Proven ability to inspire, motivate, and model service-oriented leadership
  • Demonstrated computer proficiency to effectively communicate data
  • Regular dependable attendance is a critical performance factor to ensure consistent, high quality customer service


  • Knowledge, experience and understanding of Professional Learning Community (PLC) research
  • Knowledge, experience and understanding of the implementation of PBIS and MTSS programs
  • Knowledge, experience and understanding of culturally responsive teaching practices
  • Record of improved student achievement as measured by state assessments
  • Knowledge, experience and understanding of the implementation of state and federal programs
  • Thorough knowledge of special education issues, law, practices and procedures
  • Knowledge, experience, and understanding supporting ELL students
  • Strong background in middle level education with experience in curriculum design, review, and management

Interested candidates must submit, via the District’s on-line application system at www.lakeviewspartans.org, a cover letter addressed to James Baker, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Lakeview School District, resume, and letters of recommendations.

A competitive salary combined with a comprehensive fringe benefit package will be offered to the successful applicant.