Library Media Specialist

Friday, March 1, 2019
Mount Clemens Community Schools
Position Details: 

POSITION: Library Media Specialist

POSTING DATE: February 1, 2019

START DATE: As Soon As Possible

LOCATION: Seminole Academy

REPORTS TO: Building Principal




1. Master’s Degree from an accredited educational institution;

2. Certified and Highly Qualified to teach Library Media (ND) 

3. Knowledge of school-based library media systems and procedures.

4. Knowledge of current instructional practices.

5. Ability to manage library media center operations and assigned staff.

6. Ability to work effectively and cooperatively with students, professional staff members, parents, and community groups.

7. Excellent oral and written communication and human relationship skills.

8. Demonstrated ability to work and communicate with diverse populations.

9. Knowledge of current trends in technology and applications.

10. Ability to employ business technology tools (e.g. E-mail, Microsoft Office Suite, etc.)

11. Ability to lift up to 30 lbs.



o Teaches appropriate content to students using appropriate instructional strategies and methods that will increase student learning.  Exhibits deep knowledge of a variety of teaching strategies, curricular areas, and stays current with trend, new ideas, and programs.

o Provides instruction that reflects multiple perspectives and multicultural education.  Infuses technology into curriculum.  Is able to work effectively with administrators, colleagues, central office and school board staff, students, parents and community.

o Supports the districts vision for student success and the mission to transform library media centers into innovative 21st Century environments.

o Analyzes the needs and interests of patrons of the school library media center and provides appropriate materials that meet the informational, research, educational, and recreational needs of the users. 

o Serves as the Review and Evaluation expert/representative at the school level.  Advises administrators and staff regarding fair use and copyright laws.

o Maintains knowledge and expertise in the features and content of online databases and other digital learning content.

o Assists teachers in locating appropriate resources to support classroom instruction.

o Serves as one of the technology experts at the schools.  Acquaints teachers and students with new ideas, programs, and trends in the instructional use of technology.  Promotes the ethical use of media, digital citizenship, and online safety.

o Maintains current knowledge of the content and organization of the district curriculum and recognizes relations among subject fields. 

o Plans, develops and conducts professional development for teachers and administrators on appropriate topics.

o Works collaboratively with teachers in face-to-face or virtual environment, when possible, to enhance and integrate curriculum units and lessons to infuse media standard and/or digital media practices into the curriculum. 

o Continually analyzes existing media space to move towards the creation of spaces that can be used for collaborative activities, content creation, presentations and performances.

o Ensures the effective organization, circulation, and maintenance of resources.

o Supports staff and students in developing an appreciation of literature and reading to assess information.  Promotes literacy (including digital literacy) and the enjoyment of reading, viewing, and listening.

o Manages financial accounts and in accordance with financial procedures.

o Promotes the media center through public relations.

o Assists with the implementation of the School improvement Plan.

o Performs other related duties as assigned.


The Mount Clemens Community School District is currently in the process of installing the Blueprint for systemic reconfiguration that purposefully disrupts current practice to create a new structure of coherent, aligned district and building systems to ensure success for all students. A successful Blueprint staff member demonstrates the following:

• the strong desire and ability to achieve outstanding student achievement results in a short amount of time

• the strong desire and ability to build meaningful, caring relationships with students in order to exert academic influence;

• the skill and willingness to leverage the student support network to ensure that students’ social, emotional, nutritional and health needs are addressed;

• the ability to motivate students and influence their behaviors;

• the willingness and capacity to hold ongoing instructional-specific conversations designed to focus conversations and efforts on improving student learning;

• the ability to collaboratively create and execute clear, logical instructional plans that produce strong results in student learning;

• the commitment to coordinate instruction within and across grade levels;

• the aptitude to discuss subject specific content instruction and the drive to try out new ideas to improve student learning;

• the capacity to align curriculum, instruction and assessments while responding to the individual needs of students;

• the competence to collect and analyze data to inform instructional decisions;

• the ability and desire to design and utilize formative assessments to modify and adjust instruction on a daily basis;

• the skill to implement a tiered system of instruction within the classroom to meet the needs of all students;

• the ability to help create and thrive in a professional environment that is one of mutual respect, teamwork, and accountability;

• the ability to seek out knowledgeable peers, coaches or administrators for instructional support in the never ending quest to deliver the vision of high quality subject-specific instruction in every class period every day;

A Blueprint teacher has the confidence to lead and possesses the following competencies to:

• prioritize student-learning needs over the customs, routines, and established relationships that can stand in the way of necessary change;

• achieve results by taking risks and reflecting and acting on lessons learned;

• maintain his/her drive for results by demonstrating persistence, directness, and the ability to monitor and plan ahead;

• commit to the relentless pursuit of increasing student learning;

• skillfully challenge the status quo.

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