Executive Director

Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Michigan State and Federal Program Specialists
Position Details: 

Title:        Executive Director
Reports To:    MASFPS Executive Committee

Scope of Position:    
The Executive Director is entrusted with the administrative responsibilities of the Michigan Association of State and Federal Program Directors.  The Executive Director serves at the pleasure of the Executive Committee and provides servant leadership in supporting the strategic improvement initiatives of the organization.  

Major Responsibilities

Association Meetings (in collaboration with the Association’s President)

  1. Prepare agenda and enclosures of Board and Executive Committee meetings as directed by the President.
  2. Place agendas and enclosures in Google Team Drive folders for monthly Board meetings and Executive Committee meetings.
  3. Arrange meeting sites, luncheons and other facilities, accommodations and equipment needed as directed by the President.
  4. Prepare periodic informational communications to members as directed by the President.
  5. Maintain and oversee the distribution of organizational records, e.g., institute planning notebooks, financial records, historical data, etc…to the appropriate committees in a timely fashion.

Michigan Department of Education Liaison

  1. Communicate on a regular basis with MDE consultants and supervisors in collaboration with the Association’s President.
  2. Provide an oral report for the Board meetings.  This will be a standing agenda item at each Board meeting.


  1. Collaborate with the Association’s President-Elect, Professional Learning Chair, & Institute Chairs in planning the Fall Institute and Winter Institute.
  2. Act as MASFPS authorized representative in relationship with institute agents.
  3. Assist the President-Elect with facilitating the institute planning process and provide resource information to Institute Planning Committee.
  4. On-site attendance and availability at each institute to assist Institute chairs with arrangements.
  5. Work with President-Elect and institute chair to make on-site arrangements for institutes; session rooms, sleeping rooms, A.V., catering, breaks, etc.
  6. Monitor preparation and distribution of institute communications with registration information in conjunction with the President-Elect, Professional Learning Chair, and institute chairs.    
  7. Schedule and register exhibitors for institutes
  8. Acquire award plaques and speaker gifts as directed by the President.

Clerical Responsibilities

     1. Provide registration services for Institutes and Membership

  • Set up Online Registration Sites (currently using C-Vent) for the Fall Institute and Winter Institute
  • Generate Confirmation/Invoices via on-line system, e-mail, and/or US mail
  • Provide status reports to the Board
    • Institute or Event Registrations – upon conclusion of Institutes
    • Institute Payments-Invoices – (January 31, March 31, and June 30 annually)
  • Prepare Name Tags; Sign-In Sheets, Master Participants List
  • Generate and communicate monthly membership lists
  • Assist with periodic mailings via US mail as directed by the President or Board    

     2. Provide registration services for Projects

  • Set up Online Registration Sites (currently using C-Vent) as requested
  • Generate Confirmation/Invoices via on-line system, e-mail, and US mail
  • Provide status reports to the Project Manager(s)
    • Project Registrations – upon conclusion of each event
    • Project Payments-Invoices
  • Prepare Name Tags; Sign-In Sheets, Master Participants List for events as requested


  1. Public electric membership file at Fall Institute.
  2. Develop membership analytics that illustrate membership trends and statewide opportunities for growth.

Social Media/Website

  1. Prepare and distribute all communications via Social Media as directed by the President and/or Board of Directors.
  2. Monitor and update website as directed by the Executive Committee, President, and/or Board of Directors.
  3. Support the efforts surrounding the Association’s Strategic Marketing Plan and the various action steps associated with this plan.  


  1. Facilitate communication between committees, the Executive Committee, MDE, and members.
  2. Anticipate communication needs through the monitoring of the Association’s Strategic Marketing Plan.


  1. Attend NAFEPA Institute (if directed by the Association President) and facilitate activities of the Michigan delegation in collaboration with the NAFEPA representatives.


Relationship to Others

  1. Maintain an effective, cooperative relationship with Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Association members, other Professional Organizations, MDE staff, exhibitors and institute facility representatives.
  2. Collaborate with various contract service providers.

Other Duties

  1. Assume that other duties may arise and that require the attention and leadership of the Association’s Executive Director.


  • Compensation of $2500/month as approved by the Board ($30,000 annually)
  • Additional Compensation of $2500 for 400 or more registrations at the Fall Institute to be paid in a lump sum payment.  
  • Additional Compensation of $2500 for 400 or more registrations at the Winter Institute to be paid in a lump sum payment.  
  • Institute fees & expenses will be paid by the Association as approved by the Board.
  • Mileage is included as part of the monthly stipend.


Application Procedure

  • Questions should be directed to Mike Burde (mburde@khps.org)
  • All proposals must be received by 12:00 p.m. (noon) on April 15, 2019.
  • To make application, please include:
  1. A cover letter that explains relevant professional experiences that align with the MASFPS role of Executive Director
  2. Resume or professional vita
  3. Two reference letters


Please submit credentials via email (mburde@khps.org) or mail to:

Mike Burde, Ph.D.
MASFPS, President
2325 Four Mile Rd NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544


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