Instrumental Music Teacher-High School

Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Grandville Public Schools
Position Details: 

Position: Assistant Director of Bands, Grandville High School

Specific Duties: Teaching and Performance ● Rehearse and conduct two JV Marching Bands, two HS Concert Bands, and Jazz II ● Team teach Varsity Marching Band and two other HS Concert Bands ● Rehearse two beginning instrument classes ● Participate in M.S.B.O.A. concert festivals and encourage solo and ensemble participation.

Administrative ● Attend and support all M.S.B.O.A., band parent and 501c3 corporation meetings. ● Coordinate with music colleagues and district wide band directors in the development of schedules, curriculum, handbooks, communications, programs, etc. ● Provide supervision, record keeping and arrange for the maintenance of an extensive inventory of musical instrument. ● Demonstrate and maintain “total school and community” awareness and communication in dealing with students, parents, administration, teaching staff and community members.

Desired Musical Skills ● Versatile musician with varied musical interests. ● Experienced concert conductor with specific knowledge of beginning band pedagogy, high school band repertoire and advanced rehearsal skills. ● Strong pedagogical skills. ● Evidence of a strong applied background and advanced instrument study.

Supporting materials and document application Finalists should be prepared to include some or all of the following: ● Recording of concert ensembles performance ● Festival adjudication sheets demonstrating positive evaluations of parent performances ● Select and teach repertoire for a high school band as part of the interview ● Appropriate references

Other Skills ● Relationship builder ● Works collaboratively with other music staff and building staff. ● Classroom Management ● Technology skills including

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