Supervisor of Special Services

Thursday, April 25, 2019
Walled Lake Consolidated School District
Position Details: 


Work Schedule: 223 work days
Salary range: $84,738 - $112,687


  • An earned Master’s Degree or higher from an accredited institution in special education, education leadership, or related field
  • Eligible for or possess approval as a special education supervisor under Michigan Department of Education guidelines
  • A minimum of five years of successful related experience in special education, including experience in an educational leadership position or role
  • Possess full approval and/or licensure as a school psychologist, teacher of the speech and language impaired, school social work, teacher consultant, or special education teacher
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, knowledge of and proven performance in behavior planning, meeting/group facilitation, conflict resolution, and business/community educational partnerships
  • Knowledge of recent trends and research based practices in the field of special education
  • Valid driver’s license without restrictions prohibiting driving during school hours
  • Focus on Every Child, Every Day


  • Assist the Director with all of his/her assigned duties
  • Implement IDEA requirements and Michigan Special Education Administrative Rules relative to student services
  • Coordinate the district’s compliance with Federal law, Section 504 of the /Rehabilitation Act of 1973, in the development of 504 plans for eligible students
  • Monitor special education programs to ensure compliance with state and federal law
  • Monitor all evaluations, METS, IEPCs, to ensure compliance with state and federal law
  • Keep abreast of all legal requirements governing special education
  • Develop forms, brochures, procedures, manuals, methods, etc., concerning special education programs and compliance with state and federal laws
  • Implement procedures for referral, evaluation, placement, assignment and re-evaluation of students with special needs
  • Design, develop, coordinate, and provide staff development related to special education compliance, technology supports, web-based IEP/data management systems, progress monitoring/data collection, online professional development, etc.
  • Provide for the use of appropriate curriculum materials and educational technology in special education programs
  • Evaluate on an ongoing basis the special education curriculum, procedures (including health and safety), and individual student needs and achievements
  • Supervise, evaluate and train special services staff; assist with the selection process for professional and support staff
  • Coordinate and supervise contracted professionals and all activities associated with contracted specialized services, such as therapy, psychiatric, etc.
  • Assist in the recruitment, selection, and recommendation for hire of all special education personnel.
  • Assist the Director in compiling, maintaining, and filing all reports, records, and other documents legally required or administratively useful, including federal grants available to the district
  • Assist the Director in interpreting the objectives and programs of the Student Services Department to the Board, the administration, the staff, and the public at large
  • Supervise elementary  and preschool programs and activities
  • Supervise and coordinate instruction for homebound or hospitalized students
  • Develop and monitor all district budgets for special education—both general fund, and state and federal grants
  • Attend meetings and help facilitate agreement at IEPs and other meetings regarding student goals/objectives, programs and services with parents, staff and advocates as needed
  • Demonstrate excellent conflict resolution skills which build commitment to and consensus with best practices
  • Develop and promote parent outreach opportunities and parent involvement
  • Demonstrate outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrate involvement in community activities and organizations
  • Other Duties as assigned

Deadline for Applicants: April 25th, 2019

Interested candidates should apply on line:
Oakland Human Resources Consortium
The application files must include a cover letter, resume, and three professional references.


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