7-12 Middle School/High School English Teacher

Friday, June 14, 2019
Bellevue Community Schools
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Bellevue Community Schools is a small rural school located in the southwest corner of Eaton County.  The district has students from Barry, Eaton and Calhoun County with a majority (65%) residing in Eaton County.  We are 15 miles northeast of Battle Creek, 38 miles southwest of Lansing, 42 Miles northeast of Kalamazoo, 48 miles northwest of Jackson.  Bellevue Community Schools is associated with and serviced by Calhoun County ISD and our students are enrolled in the Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center, Calhoun County Area Career Center, and Kellogg Community College for post-secondary enrollment.


Bellevue Community School had 605 students in attendance in Pre-School through 12th grade during its fall 2018 count cycle with an average class size of 1 to 18.  Of the 605, 64% of the students were eligible for free or reduced lunches as determined by federal guidelines.  Our population consists of 96% white non-Hispanic, 2% African American and the remaining being from other ethic backgrounds.  These federal guidelines make our teachers eligible for federal student loan reductions.


We are in our third year of being involved in the MiExcel process through the Michigan Department of Education.  This process has allowed us to find some outstanding teachers.  By using Talent Management Process we are creating a team of dedicated teachers who want to make an impact on the lives of the students they serve. 


If you think you have the passion for this position, please send resume, cover letter, letters of recommendations, transcripts, certifications and references to:

                             Ms. Terry Wesner, Administrative Assistant

                             Bellevue Community Schools

                             904 W. Capital

                             Bellevue, MI 49021




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