Principal, Middle School

Thursday, May 30, 2019
Three Rivers Community Schools
Position Details: 

Position Type: Building Administration

Date Posted: May 2, 2019

Date Available: 2019/2020 School Year

Building: Middle School

Reports to: Superintendent

Salary Range: $75,000 - $87,500

Application Deadline: May 30, 2019


Three Rivers Community Schools is seeking a dynamic, visionary, and experienced Middle School Principal  with an unwavering commitment to high standards of academic excellence. Three Rivers Middle School is committed to providing challenging and relevant learning opportunities for all students.


Scope of Responsibilities:


The candidate selected for this position will have evidence of exemplary leadership in curriculum, instruction and assessment with excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills and ability to develop strong community relations.  The candidate will have demonstrated student-centered leadership and have evidence of innovations and strategies resulting in consistent and significant student growth.


Required Qualifications:


  1. Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, or Curriculum & Instruction.
  2. Must possess a Secondary School Administrator’s Certification from the State of Michigan. If candidate possess another states secondary school administrator’s certificate they must be able to transfer it to Michigan.
  3. At least (5-7) five to seven years of successful secondary school teaching experience with a teacher performance rating of Effective or Highly Effective.
  4. At least (2) two years of principal experience, with a performance rating of Effective or Highly Effective.
  5. Demonstrated evidence in advancing student growth and achievement.
  6. Demonstrated evidence of strong written and oral communication skills.
  7. Technology skills for communication, data analysis, and report writing.
  8. Knowledge of or experience with curriculum, data analysis, performance assessment, or school improvement planning.



Preferred Qualifications:


  1. Experience using one of the following teacher evaluation frameworks: Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching, Thoughtful Classroom, Marzano’s Teacher Evaluation & Focused Evaluation Models, or 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning.
  2. Knowledge and experience with Title I,II,III and At-Risks Grants.
  3. Current knowledge of theory and practice in special education programming, including inclusion, discipline, IEP development and implementation, and IDEA Re-authorization.
  4. Knowledge and experience with the development and implementation of MTSS.
  5. Knowledge and experience with creating, designing, and implementing an evidence based re-design for middle school education.


Essential Functions:

  1. Advocates for the students, staff, school, district and public education (e.g. responsive to parents and community, creates a welcoming climate and culture, markets school programs, promotes and emphasizes support for parental involvement)for the purpose of encouraging and promoting community involvement and outreach.
  2. Composes a wide variety of materials (e.g. quantity reports, student activities, correspondence, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference and/or conveying information.
  3. Delegates responsibility for a variety of administrative functions to other personnel for the purpose of managing the workload more efficiently.
  4. Directs curriculum and instruction on campus (e.g. enforces grade level standards, provides opportunities for enrichment and intervention, encourages differentiated instruction for all students, creates and supports learning communities, sets high expectations, educational leader, continuous improvement mindset) for the purpose of increasing student achievement.
  5. Evaluates assigned personnel for the purpose of ensuring that standards are achieved, compliance with job descriptions is obtained, and performance is maximized.
  6. Facilitates communication (oral and written) between personnel, students and/or parents for the purpose of evaluating situations, solving problems and/or resolving conflicts.
  7. Implements policies, procedures and/or processes for the purpose of providing direction and/or complying with mandated requirements.
  8. Instructional Leader for the Middle School  (e.g. responsible for student achievement, focused conversations with teachers, daily classroom visits, shares and models effective teaching strategies, confronts classroom mediocrity, has high expectations, provides structure, strong disciplinarian, creates and maintains positive school climate (orderly), drive to move school forward, and includes all staff in the team effort in promoting student achievement) for the purpose of providing support to Middle School  staff in order to increase student achievement.
  9. Manages school administrative functions (e.g. facility maintenance (maintain clean and attractive facility), budget, staffing, attends extracurricular activities, monitors transportation services provided to students, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining safe and efficient school operations within district guidelines.
  10. Model for all staff (e.g. develops personal growth plans for self and all staff, ensures quality staff development at school site, creates and supports learning communities, uses and models use of technology, models behaviors of a lifelong learner) for the purpose of creating an environment where staff and students are successful.
  11. Presents information (e.g. budget overviews, accounting processes, distribution formulas, school improvement plan, etc.) for the purpose of communicating information, gaining feedback and ensuring adherence to established internal controls.
  12. Promotes use of assessment data (e.g. monitors student progress, conducts and uses assessment data to guide instruction, uses academic support systems) for the purpose of increasing student achievement.
  13. Represents the school within community forums for the purpose of maintaining ongoing community support for educational goals and/or assisting with issues related to school environment.
  14. Performs other tasks as assigned by the Superintendent.
  15. Regular and reliable attendance is an essential job duty


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