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Monday, May 20, 2019
Bloomfield Hills Schools
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Associate Principal – Bloomfield Hills Middle School

2019-2020 School Year

Applications are being accepted for Associate Principal. This is a Bloomfield Hills Schools administrative council position.

Responsible to:   Building Principal

12 Month – 217 Work Days

The Associate Principal supports the District’s strategic instructional goal to ignite passion, fuel dreams and provide a personalized, world-class experience for every student and Bloomfield Hills Middle School.

The effective Associate Principal shares the leadership responsibility for the collective success of their school, including the learning, growth and achievement of both students and staff. As one of the school's' primary instructional leaders, the Associate Principal enables critical discourse and data-driven reflection about curriculum, assessment, instruction and student progress and create structures to facilitate improvement.  The Associate Principal models best practices, engage stakeholders, and create a culture of high expectations.

The Associate Principal should be adept at creating systems that maximize the utilization of resources and human capital, foster collaboration and facilitate constructive change.  By creating a common vision, this leader can articulate and behave in accordance with shared values. The Associate Principal should lead and manage their school in a manner that supports the school’s ability to promote equity and to continually improve their positive impact on students and families.

The Associate Principal follows a model of shared governance to support the District's Ten Guiding Principles and Bloomfield Hills Middle School’s Four Cornerstones to facilitate optimal learning experiences for students and staff.


  • Must possess a valid Michigan Administrative certificate (ES) or be eligible to acquire at time of application.
  • Minimum of 5 years of teaching experience and valid Michigan teaching certificate (or ability to qualify for certification).
  • Minimum of master’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • Experience or knowledge of International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme and/or Diploma Programme preferred.
  • Experience and knowledge in developing a master schedule.
  • High level of skills in leadership and communication.
  • Knowledge of secondary curriculum and instructional practices.
  • Successful administrative experience at the secondary level desired.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.


Leadership Quality Standards

  • Associate Principal Demonstrates Strategic Leadership
  • Collaboratively develops the vision, mission, values, expectations and goals of the school and the processes used to establish these foundations; facilitates their integration into the life of the school community.
  • Supports plans to improve academic achievement and developmental outcomes for all students and provides for data-based progress monitoring.
  • Solicits input and collaborates with staff and the school community to implement strategies for change that result in improved achievement and developmental outcomes for all students.
  • Creates and utilizes processes to distribute leadership and support collaborative efforts throughout the school among teachers and administrators.
  • Associate Principal demonstrates Instructional Leadership
  • Promotes school-wide efforts to establish, implement and refine appropriate expectations for curriculum, instructional practices, assessment and use of data on student learning based on scientific research and evidence-based practices that result in student academic achievement.
  • Creates, processes and schedules which maximize instructional, collaborative and preparation time.
  • Supports teachers through ongoing, actionable feedback and needs-based professional development to ensure that rigorous, relevant and evidence-based instruction and authentic learning experiences meet the needs of all students and are aligned across all grades.
  • Holds all staff accountable for setting and achieving rigorous performance goals for all students and empower staff to achieve such goals across content areas. 
  • Demonstrates a rich knowledge of effective research based instructional practices in order to support and guide teachers in data-based decision making to maximize student success.
  • Associate Principal demonstrates Culture and Equity Leadership
  • Articulates models and positively reinforces a clear vision and values of the school’s culture. Involves students, families and staff in creating an inclusive and welcoming climate.
  • Supports Communities of Practice (e.g. special education, counseling, physical education, performing arts) and Learning Communities and takes responsibility for attending meetings, reviewing meeting minutes, assuring teams are adhering to agreed-upon practices, making progress toward school-wide goals and engaged in problem solving.
  • Promotes the cognitive, physical, social and emotional health, growth and skill development of every student.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to a diverse population of students by creating an inclusive and positive school culture; provides instruction in meeting the needs of diverse students, talents, experiences and challenges in support of student achievement.
  • Promotes a school culture that encourages continual improvement through reliance on research, innovation, prudent risk-taking, high expectations for all students and teachers, and a valid assessment of outcomes.
  • Creates and uses a personal professional learning network.
  • Designs and utilizes a personal professional learning plan aligned with District goals.
  • Works effectively with colleagues and supports the development and successful implementation of colleagues’ professional learning plans.
  • Associate Principal demonstrates Human Resource Leadership
  • Supports the school as a professional learning community and provides opportunities for collaboration, fosters teacher learning and develops teacher leaders in a manner that is consistent with local structures, contracts, policies and strategic plans.
  • Assists in establishing and effectively managing processes and systems that ensure a knowledgeable, high-quality, high-performing staff.
  • Evaluates staff performance using the district’s educator evaluation system in order to ensure that teachers and staff are evaluated in a fair and equitable manner with a focus on improving teacher and staff performance and, thus, student achievement.
  • Associate Principal demonstrates Managerial Leadership
  • Assists in establishing systems for marshaling all available school resources to facilitate the work that needs to be done to improve student learning, academic achievement and overall healthy development for all students.
  • Proactively and efficiently manages the complexity of human interactions and relationships, including those among and between parents/guardians, students and staff.
  • Facilitates the design and utilization of various forms of formal and informal communication with all school stakeholders.
  • Ensures that clear expectations, structures, rules and procedures are established for students and staff.
  • Familiar with federal and state laws and school district and board policies, including negotiated agreements, if applicable, and establishes processes to ensure that these policies, laws and agreements are consistently met and implemented.
  • Ensures the school provides an orderly and supportive environment that fosters a climate of safety, respect and well-being.
  • Associate Principal demonstrates External Development Leadership
  • Assists in designing and/or utilizing structures and processes which result in family and community engagement, support and ownership for the school.
  • Collaborates with colleagues, school district leadership and other stakeholders to drive the development and successful implementation of initiatives that better serve students, teachers and schools at all levels of the education system. Ensures that such initiatives are consistent with federal and state laws, school district and board policies and negotiated agreements where applicable.
  • Develops systems and relationships to leverage the available school district and community resources in order to maximize the school’s ability to serve the best interest of students and families.

COMPENSATION BENEFITS:  Salary range: $98,720 - $114,579 with health benefits, paid holidays, paid vacation days and paid leave days.

STARTING DATE:  July 1, 2019

METHOD OF APPLICATION:  All applicants, who want to be considered for this position, must submit an application at:

It is the policy of the Bloomfield Hills Schools not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, height, weight, marital status, disability, genetic information, or any other reason prohibited by applicable laws, in its programs, services, activities, or employment practices.  Inquiries related to discrimination on the basis of disability should be directed to the Section 504 Coordinator:  Director of Special Education, 7273 Wing Lake Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301, (248) 341-5415.  Direct all other inquiries related to discrimination to: Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Labor Relations, 7273 Wing Lake Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301, (248) 341-5425.