Vocal Music Teacher (Grades 6 – 12)

Friday, June 14, 2019
Paw Paw Public Schools
Position Details: 

Title:                                      Vocal Music Teacher (Grades 6 – 12)

Job Location:                           Paw Paw Public Schools (grades 6 – 12)

Reports to:                                   Middle School and High School Principals

Job Type:                                        Full-time

Minimum Qualifications:

-BA/BS degree

-Possess valid Michigan teaching certificate with music (JX) endorsement

-Must meet NCLB highly qualified requirements for the position


  • Successful experience teaching music
  • Piano playing experience; there will be no daily accompanist
  • Ability to work with multiple ages
  • Experience in arranging/organizing performances

Job Description:

  • Teach three sections of High School Choir (audition mixed varsity choir, women’s choir, men’s choir) and three Middle School Choir (sixth, seventh, and eighth grade)
  • Develop and implement concerts/performances
  • Work with musicals, district and state competitions, regional, state and all-state honors choirs, solo and ensemble prep

Salary/Benefits:  Per PPEA Contract

Days/Hours: Per PPEA Contract/School calendar

Start Date: August 2019

How to Apply:  APPY HERE or Alternately at the Paw Paw Schools Central Office

STATEMENT OF NON-DISCRIMINATION: It is the policy of the Paw Paw Public School District that no discriminatory practices based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, height, weight, marital status, disability, genetic information or any other status covered by federal, state, or local law be allowed during any program, activity, service, or in employment. Inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies should be directed to the Executive Director of Business Operations or Director of Curriculum/Instruction and State/Federal Programs, 119 Johnson St., Paw Paw, MI 49079,1-269-415-5200. 

Job Type: